Case Studies

Hong Kong

Like consumers in any large metropolis, residents of Hong Kong live from day-to-day, unaware for the most part, that their daily consumption of foods and household goods generates large quantities of disposable waste. This material, referred to in the waste industry as MSW (municipal solid waste), is collected by the city municipality and transferred to one of a number of Hong Kong landfills. In 1997, Organics was contracted to design, manufacture and install a complete landfill gas and leachate disposal plant at the WENT landfill site using conventional engineering processes, but with a number of novel features.

SBR and reed bed, Greek island

In early  2003, Organics was contracted to supply an SBR and reed bed for a small landfill taking the waste from an island community. The SBR was arranged to operate with an anoxic phase to help reduce ammonia. The reed bed was also arranged to maximise further ammonia removal.

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