Photo Galleries of Leachate Projects

For introductory information concerning the specification of leachate plant please refer to the page About Leachate.

Ammonia strippers

Ammonia removal from leachate with a physical process. Use can be made of landfill gas to heat leachate, or removal can be facilitated with pH adjustment.

Aeration lagoons

Leachate treatment by means of aerated lagoons that maximize simplicity, removing BOD, COD and ammonia.

Sequencing Batch Reactors

High-rate removal of ammonia with a biological sludge blanket, facilitating a reduced retention time and improved process control.

Activated Carbon Columns

Removal of AoX, polishing of COD and other selective removal of toxic trace components in leachate.


Evaporation offers the possibility of complete leachate destruction with the use of landfill gas or other sources of waste heat.


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